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The very next day

Written by admin on . Posted in Study Jokes

Mrs. Richmoney s new maid, Norah, had a very bad habit of interrupting her mistress with unimportant household problems, usually just when Mrs. Richmoney was right in the middle of a telephone chat, or serving tea to the Friday Afternoon Club ladies. One day just after Norah had interrupted a particularly important party, Mrs. Richmoney warned her that if she ever did it again, she could pack her things and leave immediately. The very next day, Mrs. Richmoney was in the midst of a bridge game, and Norah appeared in the doorway, gesturing and about to speak. Mrs. Richmoney waved her back, finished the game, excused herself, and stepped into the kitchen to talk to Norah. I m glad to see you understand that I meant what I said yesterday. Now tell me, what s on your mind? Well, ma am, said Norah, I just wanted to tell you that the house is on fire.