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I got 5 cents for this egg.

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A farmer’s wife shipped a crate of eggs to a wholesale house in a city, but before doing so she wrote on one of the eggs: “I got 5 cents for this egg. What did you pay for it?” –to which she signed her name and address.

Months later she received a letter from an actor, on very fancy stationery.

“My dear Madam,” he wrote, “while playing the lead in a Shakespearean play recently, I received your egg for nothing.”

My mother makes me wear them anyhow

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One rainy day poor Miss Kindergarten Teacher spent over a half hour pulling galoshes onto wet little feet, getting the children ready to go home. When she came to little Johnny, his galoshes took several minutes to struggle him into. Finally they were on.

“Thank you, Teacher,” said Johnny. “you know, Teacher, these galoshes aren’t mine.”

Poor teacher groaned, sat Johnny down again, and pulled and pulled until his galoshes came off again.

“Now then,” she asked patiently, “whom do these belong to?”

“My brother,” explained Johnny. “But my mother makes me wear them anyhow.”