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English 1423 BA Guess Papers for AIOU Examinations

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Team of this website is struggling days and nights for the creation of best Guess Papers, Model Papers for all courses students. We are pleased to upload the best English 1423 BA Guess Papers for AIOU Examinations free for new and old students. Please comments after studying our attached best Guess Papers for English and update us about your results.

Job Application for Post of Purchase Manager

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The Managing Director,




Dear Sir,

                        In response to your advertisement in the Dawn of 20th December, for the post of Purchase Manager, I hereby apply for the same.

                        A brief resume of my qualifications and experience, is given below:


Experience:                   Thereafter I joined firm as Asst. Purchase Manager and have been holding that position for the last 4 years. During this period, I acquired experience of labour procurement for the factory. This experience of mine will go a long way, if I am given a job in your concern.

Age:                             28 years of age with good health.

Salary Expected:           USD ______ per month, plus perks.

                        I hope that keeping in view my qualifications and experience, you will give me a chance to serve your concern as a Purchase Manger.

                        Thank you.




Yours faithfully,


Ticket protruding from his coat pocket

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James Whitcomb Riley and Bill Nye used to go about the country together lecturing. Once when they were traveling by train, Bill Nye, who was very fond of playing jokes on his friend, happened to spy Mr. Riley s ticket protruding from his coat pocket. He reached over and removed it without Riley s knowledge.

Here comes the conductor

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When the conductor entered the car for fares, Bill Nye remarked innocently, Here comes the conductor. Get out your ticker. Mr. Riley searched first in one pocket and then another, but with no success. At length he turned to his friend and explained that he had lost his ticket, and asked him for a loan since he had spent all his money buying the ticket.

I got a new little baby brother.

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Billy: I got a new little baby brother. Milly: Another one? Gee, you ve got about nineteen already, haven t you? Billy: yeah. Milly: What s his name? Billy: We called him Joe for two days. Milly: For two days? Then what happened? Billy: After two days my father and mother found out we ve already got a Joe in the family.

I liked the music okay

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Little five-year-old Betty was taken to church for the first time. As she walked out of the church with her parents, the preacher stopped her, leaned over, and asked her how she liked church. I liked the music okay, said Betty, but the commercial was too long.

Because they were not citizens

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The visiting governor of Maine was addressing a group of the inmates of a penitentiary. Fellow citizens, he began , then stopped short, Because they were not citizens. Fellow convicts, he began again, then realized he was again off the beam. Well, boys, he finally said, I don t know what to call you, but I m mighty glad to see so many here.

Yesterday they opened me up again

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A patient was convalescing from an appendectomy. A friend came to see him. How you doing? I m doing all right, but the day after the operation they opened me up again to take a sponge out of me they left in there. Yesterday they opened me up again and took out a scalpel that they forgot. Just then the doctor walked in. Has anyone seen my hat around here? He asked.